Proof your capabilities as a general.
Use your strategical skills to create a powerful city and destroy your enemy.
You will be given a god like weapon to spawn deadly miasma or a healing cloud wherever you wish.
This and much more you will find in LaneWars.

  • Design a large city
  • Construct mighty defense towers
  • Spawn your minions
  • Destroy the enemy

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You can use your fingers or an EEG device from EMOTIV Inc. called Emotiv to play LaneWars.

1. Touch Control (default)

Double tap the screen with one finger anywhere to interact with an element (single tap is enough in the main menu).
Double tap the screen with two fingers will move the camera to your home city. Be careful though to not do that over your own units (you will see ???? ).
Press a finger to one of your screen sides to move the camera in that direction.

2. Mental Control

– Train your Emotiv in the main menu (Settings -> EEG Menu).
– Use the “Push” command to interact with the environment.
– Use the “Disappear” command to move back to your home city. Same as before: Not over your own units… (You are warned… ???? ).
Turn your head to move the camera during the match.

3. Keyboard

  • Press “Space” to interact with an element.
  • Press “Return” to move back home.
  • Use W, A, S, D or the arrow keys to move around.

4. Mouse

  • Click left to interact
  • Click right to move home
  • Move the mouse to move the camera

On Android, only the first and second controls are available.

About Us

This game was made for a seminar at the Eberhard Kalrs Universität Tübingen. The intend was to show the capabilities of the Emotiv device for gaming purpose.
It was later partly redesigned and rewritten to also work on Android for public use.
We hope you enjoy it 🙂


LaneWars goes #Beta

LaneWars started as a university project, and after two month of fine tuning, it is now available for public testing in the Google Play Store. Are you interested? Join the beta.