#Beta 1.6.2: German Translation

We worked hard the last week on various improvements in our code.
On one side we concentrated on fixing small bugs and improving performance and overall gameplay, on the other side we completely renewed the way text is represented in the game. This was a major update (that’s why 1.6 now) and took a lot of effort…
Before we used the standard Unity5 Text UI for displaying all kinds of strings and mostly predefined the values in the editor or just defined it directly as a English string.
Inspired from the way pure android java codes handle multi-language, we decided for a similar system.

We created a global manager asking for the system language at the start of the app and, if the language is supported, loading a associated XML file into a C# dictionary. For now it is not possible to change the language.

The strings are now represented by a new class inheriting from the UI Text class. This class is given a key string and every time the key is updated (or the class is objectified) it will ask the manager for the value to the key. Which means for the translated text. The key and the value itself is from this XML document imported in the start process into the responding dictionary.

Next to the translation, we also use now a new font (Ubuntu) for a better reading and playing experience.

Have fun with the latest beta update. As soon as we feel confident, we will release it for public use.