Updated and Improved

Screenshot of LaneWars

As from now, LaneWars for Android can be downloaded by everyone in the latest version 1.6.2f3 on Google Play and Amazon.

The update brings a new point system, a time frame of a round, a game engine update for better performance and, for German users, a completely translated game.

New Point System and Time Frame

This version overhauls the was a match works not completely but adjusts it for a better experience. Players have now 1000s time to win (or loose). If it can’t achieve a draw will be called. The points are now heavily affected by the passed time. If the player takes too long, the match can still be won, but the points will be pretty low. At the end of the game time, the remaining points will always be 0. Just as a hint 😉

The points themselves are calculated by adding the strength of every class together. The single classes are valued by their building costs (1p for Warrior, 2p for Archer, 3p for Special). The resulting value will be multiplied by the income. Additionally, the difficulty will be applied, meaning that if the user plays on normal difficulty, nothing changes, on easy, though, points will be one-half less and on hard, one-half more. Finally, the points will be multiplied by the percentage of time left. Thus as the closer, the player reaches 0, the less the points get.

Game Engine Update

With Unity releasing the latest version of their game engine this week, also LaneWars got updated to it. With version 5.6 Unity promises an increase in 2D performance, right what LaneWars needs. Hopefully, it is noticeable in common play. Additionally, Unity 5.6 now supports Vulcan API which could further improve CPU performance due to LaneWars heavy use of physical calculations.

Translation System

Unity out of itself offers no support for a localisation, thus we had to create our own system. Inspired by the way pure Android handles different languages, LaneWars uses an XML file for each language and loads the language at the start fitting the user’s system settings. In the game, every string will then be chosen according to the fitting string in the preloaded language. This system is right now available for English (of course) and German with further language support planned in the future (Chinese for example.